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Tech On The Move!

William Musick lives in Bristol, TN with his very nice wife Kay. But he isn’t home much. He’s a truck drivin’ man for a living. He’s on the road for 3-4 months at a time. The cab of his truck is his office with a laptop, printer and a fax machine. When he needs help […]

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Biz in Alaska, Home in North Carolina

Ken Higgins is a business owner. He owns and runs Discount Storage. Like me he lives in beautiful, exotic Leicester. However, Discount Storage is located in Anchorage, Alaska. While he faces many challenges being so far from his business, PC support isn’t one of them! When they need help in Anchorage they call me and […]

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Never Too Old To Tech!

Jim Haslam is a monthly plan customer of mine. He lives in Cary, NC. He has a PC, a laptop, a Kindle, an android phone and installed his own Chromecast. He’s also pretty darn good at Photoshop. Jim is 85. A former Marine Gunnery Sergeant, he brings a take-no-prisoners attitude to life as well as […]

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