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Cloud Storage vs External Hard Drive

Long story short – For backing up large amounts of data, an external hard drive is cheaper, and faster to use. For accessing your data easily across multiple devices, cloud storage is easy and convenient but is much slower when restoring large amounts of data. Large amounts of data storage means a monthly charge. Case […]

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Just blow!

Does your PC run louder than it used to? If it’s making more noise then you may need to blow the dust out of the inside. Dust buildup can decrease the life of the system AND increase your electric bill. The buildup makes the fans less effective in cooling. This causes the fans to turn […]

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Do I need to defrag my hard drive?

Do I need to defrag my hard drive? No. Not really. Do I need 3rd party defragging s/w? No. Not at all. Heresy! This can’t be true! Sorry. It’s true.   Defragmenting a drive reorders the data on the drive so it can be accessed more efficiently and faster. This is true for standard magnetic […]

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