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Windows 10 Sneak Preview – The Spartan Browser

With the upcoming introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft has announced the end of Internet Explorer. Windows 10 uses a new browser code named Spartan. It will be the default browser moving forward. IE 11 will be available in Windows 10 to support legacy sites and applications. Microsoft will continue security updates for IE 11 through […]

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Windows 10 Sneak Preview – Cortana

Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant, will be available in Windows 10 for desktop/laptop users. Her speech recognition is quite good and her voice and name will be familiar to fans of Halo. Watch and see me use her to find s/w, tell me the weather, and whether I have a chance with her! Best viewed at […]

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Windows 10 Sneak Preview – Start Menu

I’ve been using Windows 10 since the first technical preview was available last October. Windows 10 hails the return of the Start menu. Let’s take a quick look. The first image below shows the default Win 10 desktop. Win 10 continues the theme of flatter modern icons. In the bottom far left is the askew Windows […]

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