Find your PC config info fast with Speccy!

1371655875_speccyOften when I’m connected remotely to a customer’s PC, I need to know very specific things like the motherboard they have, the  type of RAM and how many RAM slots are free, or the temperature of the system and CPU.

Enter Speccy! Speccy is a freeware utility that displays your system’s configuration both hardware and software.

If you are thinking about upgrading your memory, or just want to know what’s inside your PC, then Speccy is the tool!

Here’s the Speccy main display showing the config of one of my PCs.

Speccy - Main Window

The main display gives a summary of the system. Clicking the categories on the left gives you detailed info about the hardware, software and temperature of that device or component.

A handy tool when trying to figure out what you have! You can download the free version of Speccy here.

Just click on the download page to get it!