Here’s a Cheat Sheet to Install Outlook on Your Apple Devices

Contributor: Michele George

A client of mine, Michele George, created a cheat sheet for adding Outlook to Apple devices. It’s so good I’m sharing it with y’all! Thanks, Michele!





Steps to add Outlook mail to Iphone/Ipad

To Add an Email Account:

  1. Install Outlook on your device
  2. Open Outlook
  3. Enter yourusername@yourdomain into the window for email address
    1. If the window is already populated with a different address, just click “back”
    2. Click Add Account
  4. Enter your password
    1. Click Sign In
  5. A window should appear that says “Unable to Log in – please use IMAP and login again.
    1. Click Continue
  6. You should now see a window for IMAP settings.
    1. Look towards the bottom and find the button for “Use Advanced Settings”
      1. Slide it to active
    2. Enter the following information into the corresponding windows:
      • Email address
      • Display Name: Short descriptive name. Example: Work Email
      • Description (This creates the letters that will allow you to differentiate between accounts so be sure to give thought to what letters will help you identify them)
      • IMAP Hostname: Your email IMAP server
      • IMAP Username: YourEmailUsername@YourDomain
      • IMAP Password: Your email password
      • SMTP Hostname: Your SMTP server
      • SMTP Username: YourEmailUsername@YourDomain
      • SMTP Password: YourEmailUsername@YourDomain
        1. CLICK SIGN IN
  7. Would you like to add another account:
    • Let’s Do It!
  8. Repeat for other accounts.
  9. To add more accounts at a later date:Find the 3 parallel lines in the top left corner – Click.
    Find the gear symbol in the bottom left corner – click.
    Mid screen, see “Add Account” – Click.
    Choose “Add Email Account” – Click.
    Follow directions shown above.
    If you see a window asking you to select your email provider, look to the bottom and choose advanced settings and click the blue envelope (IMAP).

To Add the Calendar:

The calendar should appear within a few seconds.

  1. At the bottom of the screen, click on the calendar icon.
  2. Click Add an Account
  3. For email address, enter: YourUsername@YourDomain
  4. Sign In
  5. Enter password: Your Password

The calendar should appear within a few seconds.

To Add DropBox:

  1. Look to the bottom of the screen and click on “Files”
  2. On the left, click on “Add DropBox”
  3. Enter the email address: Your Dropbox email address
  4. Enter the password: Your Password. Click Sign In
  5. A window will appear saying Microsoft Outlook would like access to the files and folders in your DropBox.
    Click ALLOW
  6. Check yor email – DropBox may send an email asking you to verify this is an authorized access. If they do, just click ‘Yes’ in the body of the Email.