Just blow!

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This is bad. Very bad.

Does your PC run louder than it used to? If it’s making more noise then you may need to blow the dust out of the inside. Dust buildup can decrease the life of the system AND increase your electric bill.

The buildup makes the fans less effective in cooling. This causes the fans to turn faster making more noise and drawing more current.

Having pets or smoking inside will cause particulate buildup as well. With 3 cats (one who loves sitting on top of my PC right on an intake fan) this means I have to clean my system every 2 months.

It’s easy to do so save yourself the $50 or more a shop will charge and do it yourself.

Pick up a can of air at Walmart or an office store. Heck, I think I’ve seen canned air at Ingles.

Most PCs have 2 retaining screws on the back. Remove them and push the side panel towards the back. It may take a little oomph to get the panel to slide. Make sure you’ve unplugged the system before you do this.

Shake the can and then insert the little straw that comes with it. Keep the straw end about 12-13 inches away from the fans/motherboard and squeeze. The fans will spin like crazy. Yelling “Wheeee!” while they spin is optional.

If the system is especially dirty, you may want to take it outside.

Don’t have canned air? You can use a vacuum, but remove the attachments and just use the hose. Do not touch the system with the hose to avoid static discharge. Canned air is more effective.

Have a laptop? You probably don’t want to take it apart but you can blow air into the vents to clean the fans.

This simple maintenance will extend the life of your PC by making sure it stays cool and quiet!