Malware Removal for Mere Mortals – Win 7/Vista

A FREE detailed step-by-step video guide to removing ~90-95% of the malware that infects Windows systems.

This guide is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. Use this guide at your own risk.

View the main video. If necessary, view the second video. Links mentioned are listed below. This is best viewed at full screen and 720p. To view videos by segment with written instructions, scroll down to the table of contents.

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Tools used or suggested:

Suggested FREE anti-virus solutions:

 Table of Contents

1. Preparing the System for Cleaning

2. Scanning the System

3. Detailing the System

4. Scanning the System Part II

5. Still have problems?

6. Windows Defender

7. Staying Clean

Appendix A – Safe Mode and System Restore

Appendix B – Glossary of Malware Terms

1. Preparing the System for Cleaning >