MRfMM – 4. Scanning the System Part II

Zoek (optional)

Download Zoek
Zoek script

If after cleaning and detailing you are still getting browser redirects, pop-ups or other unusual behavior, you have particularly malicious malware on your system. This calls for more aggressive tools.

Zoek is one such tool. If AdwCleaner is a hammer, Malwarebytes a sledge hammer and your day to day AV software a jackhammer, Zoek is a 2,000 lb conventional bomb dropped from 35,000 feet. It will probably destroy the malware but there may be some collateral damage in the form of programs that might need to be reinstalled.

Use Zoek as a last resort and definitely at your own risk!

  1. Download the Zoek  EXE file to your system using the link above.
  2. Before you run Zoek, disable your anti-virus software.
  3. Find the downloaded file, right-click over it and select “Run as administrator”. Zoek will take some time to start. Be patient and wait.
  4. Copy and paste the Zoek script listed above into the Zoek window.
  5. Check to make certain “Scan all users” is selected.
  6. Click “Run script”. As Zoek runs it displays what it is doing. It may take a bit to complete. Let it run until it has completed.
  7. When finished, Zoek will ask to restart the system. Do so.
  8. After restart, a log of what Zoek did is displayed. After reviewing, close the log.

Check and see if your malware problems still exist. Hopefully they are gone.

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