MRfMM – 5. Still have problems?

Download ComboFix

If you still have problems, here are some options:


Combofix is a tool similar to Zoek. You can download it using the link above. Run it as administrator.

Search the Symptoms

Try searching on the symptoms you are experiencing. If the malware is showing any type of name include that in your search. Detailed info like that can really help narrow the search and help find a solution.

Bleeping Computer Forums

You can also try posting your problems in the forums at Bleeping Computer.

Consider My Immediate Assistance Call

I can help you with my Immediate Assistance remote support call. It’s a very inexpensive way to get your system back running correctly.

If I can’t fix your problem, I’ll cheerfully refund your money while we are on the phone.

Reinstall Windows

If all this fails then a reinstall of Windows may be necessary.

Before the reinstall, you will want to backup your personal data to an external drive or flash drive.

Use Windows 7 Easy Transfer to make one copy of your data. Then manually copy your profile. Your profile is typically found in c:\users\<your account name>

After the reinstall, make certain to apply Windows updates. You will need to reinstall any applications and drivers such as printers, scanners, cameras, etc.

4. Scanning the System Part II                    6. Windows Defender >