“We are a virtual business & all our staff works from home. Most of our employees are not ‘tech savvy’ and PC Angel Now has come to our rescue several times! When you have computer issues and essentially can not perform any work without your machine, fast response time is necessary – and that is the first thing we noticed about working with Mike – he is always willing to get the job done as quickly as possible. His flexibility and expertise dealing with our PC issues was superb! Coupled with his reasonable prices, you really can not go wrong with PC Angel Now! We are so grateful we found Mike. We will use him again and have referred him to others.”
Julie Cochrane/Kurt Irmiter, Festival Network Online, Asheville, NC

“PC Angel was recommended to me by my accountants when I was having major issues with my laptop. Since that time Mike has helped me fix two other computers that were problematic. I have had a great experience with Mike and can’t imagine dealing with any other company for my computer problems. Mike is so knowledgeable, quick and always makes himself available to his clients. Thanks for always coming to my rescue PC Angel!!!”
Kate Fox, Carolina Mountain Door, Fletcher, NC

“PC Angel did a great job cleaning up my computer. Mike also walked me through some basic stuff. I now have PC Angel doing both of my business computers in Alaska and our home computers in Leicester. Great job– with quick service!!”
Ken Higgins, Leicester, NC

“I have had Mike at PC Angel now as my go to guy whenever my computers need attention for several years. Mike is always available to get my computers back into perfect order when I call him, and does an outstanding job every time! Mike is a computer genius, and so easy to work with…I wholeheartedly recommend him if you are seeking an IT pro.”
Dennis Scheeler, Richmond, VA

“Mike has saved me so many times from major crises. Hours before I had major projects due he was able to quickly get on to my computer just in time so that I could submit my work. Who wants to drag their computer to a store for repair only for it to take days to fix. He is definitely an angel!”
Nola Jackson, Asheville, NC

“Mike is a very knowledgeable and experienced Microsoft user who is very adept at solving problems with its software as well as all network issues including security. His skills are exceptional, his personal delivery is phenomenal and his service pricing is extreme value for the money. Recommended him highly to all my friends.”
Tim Runtich, Long Beach, CA

“I have worked with Mike for over two years and he has always been very helpful and patient with my simplistic questions. I consider myself ‘computer challenged’ but Mike has always been courteous and answered my questions with a smile. Where I didn’t comprehend what he was advising me to do – he simply went into my computer and processed it himself. I appreciate his expertise and willingness to make my computer as user-friendly as he can.”
Penny Mariano, Rockaway, NJ

“I do not have a lot of computer skills but have an office in my home and use my computer for at least 8 hours a day.The investment I made with PC ANGEL NOW is one of the best things I’ve ever done .I think I’ve had the service for 5 or 6 years and I can tell you Mike has saved me many times as I’ve had computer problems night and weekends and Mike has always been able to get me up and running each time.I have never taken my computer to a shop since I made my agreement with PC ANGEL and highly recommend his service. ”
Charlie Clark, Louisburg, NC

“After having issues with local computer repair services, I found PC Angel Now. I have been with them over 4 years, service is great all around, price cannot be matched by no-one. Mike gets results quickly 7 days a week. As a old saying go’s Try The Best Forget The Rest. Rated 10 STARS in Service and Knowledge is PC Angel Now.”
Paul R., Pittsburgh, PA

“I’ve called and asked for guidance a few times during that span, and he’s always been both extremely helpful and wonderfully patient. His sincerity is quite clear. As is his expertise. He’s got 30+ years of experience. That counts for a LOT in my book. In short, the guy knows his stuff. Add to that his very, very reasonable rates, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success.” Full Blog Post
Camille Strate, Valley Center, CA

“Outstanding service, friendly attitude, what more can one ask? Thank you, Mike, for keeping me and my computer straight. What a bargain.”
Carole Spring, Asheville, NC