What was your first PC?

m11Mine was the TRS-80 Model 1 Level II. 16KB of memory and your data was stored to a cassette tape recorder.

It was 1979 and a 19 yr old PC Angel terrorized the country roads of Candler in a ’71 beat up, butterscotch MG Midget. I had no PC and I was no angel.

I did have access to the minicomputer at UNCA where I was taking classes. It was a timeshare system and you logged in via a teletype. Essentially a printer with a keyboard built into it. It printed on the old 132 column, fan-fold green and white paper.

I became addicted to a game called Super Star Trek. I decided to buy a PC and port the game from the minicomputer to a PC.

The TRS-80 cost $999. I got a 2nd job and in 5 weeks of 80+ hours/week I had the money and then the PC. A friend of mine and I listed the program out on paper and then converted it to run on the TRS-80.

While it didn’t turn out to be the chick magnet I thought it would be, the TRS-80 taught me the foundation of computing that I use up to this day!

So tell me about your first PC. You can comment at My First PC.