Windows 10 Sneak Preview – Start Menu

I’ve been using Windows 10 since the first technical preview was available last October. Windows 10 hails the return of the Start menu. Let’s take a quick look.

The first image below shows the default Win 10 desktop. Win 10 continues the theme of flatter modern icons. In the bottom far left is the askew Windows logo designating the Start menu.

Win 10 Desktop

The 2nd image displays the Start menu after I clicked on it. The most used applications are displayed on the left. The right side consists of apps that you can pin there for easy access.

Win 10 Start Screen

These apps are live; meaning that the weather app will update while you look at it and news/sports apps will scroll headlines. You can configure it to get it just the way you want. App icons come in several sizes and you can place them in any order/configuration you want.

You can also click in the upper right of the Start menu to make it full screen. See image 3. The menu becomes translucent showing the desktop behind it. Clicking in the upper right again returns the menu to it’s normal size.

Win 10 Start Full

So there’s a quick peek.