Windows 10 Sneak Preview – The Spartan Browser


The Spartan Icon

With the upcoming introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft has announced the end of Internet Explorer.

Windows 10 uses a new browser code named Spartan. It will be the default browser moving forward. IE 11 will be available in Windows 10 to support legacy sites and applications.

Microsoft will continue security updates for IE 11 through at least 2016.

Spartan has been released in alpha form for people subscribed to the fast update track in the Windows 10 Technical Preview program. You need to be running build 10049 or later to get it.

In the video below I go through in detail what Spartan looks like and how it works.

This is best viewed at 720p and fullscreen.

Spartan is intriguing and shows a lot of promise. I’m looking forward to more polished versions of it being released!